Cannabis Munchies


Savoury Saviors; Snacks that curb cannabis munchies

Blunt BAE cannabis lifestyle blog girl eating lay's chips and fruit by the foot

We have all been there with a strain of cannabis that causes our tummies to rumble for the yummiest foods! Depending on the strain, cannabis definitely has a way with our bellies! Cannabis munchies are a thing! Making us lose all judgement and crave carb-rich salty, sweet and/or fatty foods. Besides pizzas and tacos and other textbook stoner foods, these are my go-to’s!

i. Fruit-Roll-Ups and/or Fruit-by-the-foot

These are my childhood favourites and not to mention how good they are to play with (I have a thing with making headbands out of these)! You have a metre worth of endless candy – go wild! 

Fondest memory – anyone remembers the Fruit-by-the-Foot challenge?

ii. Pocky

Specifically the strawberry flavoured kinds, these little biscuit sticks have such a light flavour of sweet strawberry that just hits the spot. And who doesn’t enjoy biscuits in the form of sticks? 

Fondest memory – the pocky game, and pretending that I’m holding a joint instead of a pocky stick to practice my swagger. 

iii. McDonald’s French fries

Everyone loves fries especially when they’re French (lame joke) – these have been a regular in my cannabis-infused life. Fries have never let me down when it comes to general comfort food – just something about McDonald’s that really hits home.

Fondest memory – every time I have these.

iv. Lay’s Ketchup Chips

Call me Canadian but these babies are so satisfying it’s disgusting. Besides they’re clearly very important, special, and unique to the Canadian people. Just another thing to add to the list of great Canadian things.

Fondest memory – devoured an entire bag of family-sized ketchup chips while watching Sex and the City and I wasn’t even offended.

v. Ice Cream

Any kind of ice cream type foods, whether it be mochi, ice cream cones, soft or hard ice cream I am down. It’s the creamy, sweet, coldness that brings pure joy! Who can deny the powers of ice cream!

Fondest memory – when I gave myself chronic brain freeze for like 10 minutes and couldn’t stop cry-laughing about it!

If I really had to narrow it down to my go-to’s, these quick and bite-sized snacks are perfect for convenience and totally within reach! And you can never limit the cravings of one experiencing a serious case of the munchies. There have definitely been times when my stomach felt like a bottomless pit and I can throw anything into it. Just a tip, it may not be the best thing when that high has left the building, trust me. 

Be Blunt, Be BAE, just B.


  1. My munchie time is drawing near! i must agree, McDonalds french fries are a win-win for hungry munchie bellies. You know what else is amazing to curb those ganja-growls? chips and salsa! omg, i could eat it forever.

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