Cannabis Library; BAE’s Reading Guide

Before joining the cannabis space learning about the cannabis plant and all of its possibilities was definitely a cause for serious reading material.

Remember that song on “Arthur” where they sang about the library card? As a 90’s kid growing up, it definitely made me think the library was the coolest place a kid could be! Before joining the cannabis space learning about the cannabis plant and all of its possibilities was definitely a cause for serious reading material. 

Here are my top three books of inspiration and information from my personal cannabis library!

Weed: The User’s Guide: A 21st Century Handbook for Enjoying Marijuana by David Schmader

Ok, this book actually started it all for me! When I was doing research for my school project this was the first book I looked at (thanks to cover appeal). I was looking up information on literally everything about weed before joining the industry officially. This book was incredibly informative and easy to read, the images were comic-like and humourous. Definitely a great beginner’s guide to the complexities of cannabis. It also covers a bit of information on the legacy market and certain unwritten rules of etiquette of cannabis culture.

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis; Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better and Get High Like a Lady by Nikki Furrer

I love it because it’s a super simple read with a great basic beginner-level introduction to the complexities of cannabis. For example; description of the differences between cannabis vs. hemp. Along with many recipes to make many things like your own canna-butter and lip balms. My only thing, I wish there were more pictures (shameless person who runs on visuals).

Higher Etiquette; A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties by Lizzie Post

I was so shook about this book because I honestly never knew of the world of cannabis-related etiquette. I mean the only rule I knew was to always offer and share your joint #puffpuffpass. But etiquette?! I mean clearly I need to elevate myself! Lizzie Post comes from the world of OG Post family women who practically invented the word etiquette. I love it because it really inspires and elevates a new level of incorporating cannabis into your daily life. While throwing a kickass party that is responsible and enjoyable all at the same time. Be sure to read (not skim) the part about hosting a cannabis party/get-together.

There you have it! The first three books on cannabis that I picked up that continue to educate me on the beginner topics of cannabis and a lot of the things associated with it. These books are full of great information and are easy reads that I still refer back to. Making these staples in my Cannabis Library!

Be Blunt, Be B.A.E., just B.


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