Working in Cannabis

Happy Entrepreneurs Day! To all those hustling for their dream careers, I bow and acknowledge you! I know how hard this life is (especially working in cannabis). If it means anything from one entrepreneur to another, it’s worth it and this is us living our best life. Hence the big fat smile on my face! 

A big part of what I/we do is communication, like anything and everything from elevator pitches to just pure cannabis chat and education. Many follow up questions happen and many of them are not related to the business of cannabis.

Immediate responses besides these ones are these questions about my work in cannabis. Or more so the “perks” of working in cannabis. However, I hate to break it to you all, there aren’t that many perks working in cannabis. 

Do you get free weed?

No, I do not get free weed. And I’m not allowed to tell you otherwise because legally, it’s not a thing. Not to mention, cannabis is under a completely separate wave of regulations. We do not have the same privileges as the alcohol industry. I get that assumption all the time! I hate to break it to you, but I only wish that were true.

Do you sell/grow/deal weed?

If only I was a talented salesperson, it can be quite lucrative. Unfortunately, I do not sell or deal weed because legally, I’m not allowed to do that as I’m not licensed to do that. I would love to grow it, but that’s another conversation of research and learning before I take on nurturing four plant babies. Stay tuned! This may happen sooner rather than later! *fingers crossed*

Where can I get edibles?

So at the time when I was drafting this post, edibles were not legal yet and the only places I knew where to get my favourite edibles were shut down and not available for me to share. I noticed it was a lot of my close girlfriends that wanted an alternative option to smoking dried flower. In all honesty, I have no idea where to get edibles. The Canadian Government only recently legalized edibles and topicals as of October 17, 2019. However, legal edibles and topicals will not be made available until early to mid-December 2019. Currently, ladies, I would recommend checkiing weedmaps.

Blunt B.A.E. working in cannabis wearing a yellow sweater and green weed socks

What’s the best strain of weed?

Cannabis does different things for everyone, and narrowing down the “best” weed is close to an impossibility. Whenever anyone asks for recommendations about cannabis strains, I can only tell them about what it does for me. I definitely remember to finish with, “I don’t know if it’ll be the same for you…”. For the record, I’m not a medical practitioner so I really can’t advise beyond a surface level of understanding as a recreational consumer. So from one consumer to another, do your research and be sure to ask the right people the right questions.

Where’s the best place to get weed?

This is something that I get asked with what the best strain of weed is. I hate to be the one to tell everyone this, but no matter where you get your cannabis from, they are the same. Take note, we’re talking about the legal recreational cannabis market here. To break it down, there are only so many licensed producers in the market currently that offer only a handful of strains. So really, it doesn’t matter where you go because it’s literally all the same.

Therefore, conversations with people in and out of the industry are great because it really gives me an idea of where people’s heads are at when it comes to cannabis. It should come as no surprise that a big part of what I do is the education of the legal cannabis market. These questions may be a bit funny and slightly presumptuous, but they’re great questions and perfect starting points for conversations and understanding where Canada is at with cannabis regulations. 

Be Blunt, Be B.A.E., just B.