A Review of The SilverStick

B.A.E. Leaves – 4.5 out of 5🌿

One-hitter pipe in size slim (made of alloy in black), 15 natural cotton filters, a rubber smell-proof cap and a stainless steel metal poker.

Other accessories – Clipper lighter, wooden and leather dugouts, plastic airtight container, cotton filter refills

The SilverStick is a newly designed one-hitter alloy metal pipe, its innovative design is made with the intention of full functionality and discretion. Beyond the pipe, it has a full spectrum of accessories that adds to the functionality of the pipe itself. This includes wooden and leather dugouts that have been designed to make The SilverStick pipe accessible and versatile for everyday use.

*For those of you who don’t know, a one-hitter pipe does exactly what it’s named for. It’s made for a quick and small consistent singular intake of combusted cannabis without the mess or need to roll joints.

How It Works

The best method I’ve found would be to pre-grind your flower beforehand and placing the ground flower into the airtight container or wooden dugout slot. Or, place the ground flower directly into the bowl of the pipe and pop the smell proof cap over the bowl with a clean filter already in the mouthpiece. Once I was ready, I could light it up and there was an instant smoke session.

*Fun Fact – The SilverStick team has created full how-to videos of their product which is super handy to learn about any tips, tricks, and maintenance in order to maximize the use of the SilverStick.

The Pipe

The SilverStick comes in two different sizes and various colours; slim and large, with the slim pipe allowing for 2-3 draws with each full bowl and the large pipe allowing for 4-6 draws.

*Fun fact – The large pipe was made first with the intention to share the pipe (or bowl) with someone, talk about inclusive design.

My favourite feature of the entire pipe would be the natural cotton filters. It really made a difference in separating the tar and all the things that make for a difficult toke. It was very easy to place and remove from the mouthpiece. Another great detail is the smell proof cap that really makes The SilverStick sleek and clean (literally). After my smoke session, I can easily place the cap over the bowl and not be concerned about an ashy mess in my purse. The metal poker is a definite necessity for the pipe, as it helps to pack in your flower and cleans the pipe by removing any leftover ash in the bowl.

Silverstick Black metal smoking pipe on white cotton filters

The Dugouts

The wooden and leather dugouts are the best add-ons that really set the Silverstick brand apart from other one-hitter pipes. With a super discreet look complimented by an incredible level of attention to detail that results in a fully functional dugout that truly polishes that one-hitter experience. The dugouts have been designed so impeccably that there’s a specific place to put all of the accessories down to the extra filters and the metal poker. The main difference between the two, would be the wooden dugout has a crevice on one side to lay the pipe for it to stay in place; I mainly use this to hold the pipe in between draws to keep it from rolling around. It also has a slot to store your flower while the leather dugout comes with a plastic airtight container for flower storage.

Between the two dugout options, my favourite would be the Au Naturale leather dugout. I love how discreet it looks and it blends in with the rest of my small purse pouches and stores a lighter; something I always forget to bring with me. The SilverStick team has designed this dugout so thoughtfully so that each item has a specific home which helps to make a super-efficient smoke session. – I’m also a fan of watching natural leather age.

The Accessories

The SilverStick has a full line of accessories in dugouts with a range of colours and finishes as well as a collection of Clipper Lighters and refillable cotton filters (that are inexpensive and compostable). The great thing about the Clipper Lighters is that the shiny reflective surfaces of the lighter can be used as a mirror to check for burning embers in the bowl without having to constantly be lighting the bowl end. 


  • A great online resource of how to use the SilverStick and other tips and tricks
  • Great for a quick discreet solo and/or buddy smoke session
  • Perfect for micro-dosing
  • Incredible attention to sustainable design
  • The natural cotton filters (large and slim sizes)


  • Metal alloy pipe does get slightly hot
  • Small pieces of the pipe that might get lost
  • Unspecified double-dipping etiquette 😛

Woman wearing sun hat holding a lighter and black Silverstick pipe


Before my introduction to the SilverStick, I was not aware of the world of one-hitters and dugouts. It’s such a great convenient pocket-sized item that makes for a discreet solo smoke session on-the-go. Making it perfect for micro-dosing, where a midday mini-toke of a small consistent draw is necessary. More importantly, it’s also meticulously designed, where every accessory that compliments the pipe has been thoroughly thought out for its placement and convenience. With its clean and discreet design, I can leave it out in the open and no one would know it’s a cannabis-related product.

As a result, for someone that isn’t great at rolling joints and has a relatively low consumption tolerance, SilverStick has solved that problem by creating a product that is sleek, discreet, convenient and efficient. All the while still serving a great smoke session for a different demographic of consumers – the lazy person that does it all!

Therefore, I would definitely recommend The SilverStick to any cannabis consumer that is looking to experiment with cannabis. Or to the person that requires very low consistent dosages while being on-the-go.

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