Blunt B.A.E.’s First Industry Event

BB was finally able to reach its first ever industry milestone! I was fortunate enough to attend the O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo! This was my first trip and attempt at speaking to professional leaders in the Cannabis space and telling them my story and goals for BB! I can’t tell you how excited and nervous I was about this!

I sat in on the Women in Weed Breakfast where I listened to an all-female panel ranging from Cannabis influencers, educators, entrepreneurs, writers and enthusiasts. They discussed female entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry, addressed current issues surrounding stigma and cannabis use, and encouraged an environment of women helping women in the cannabis space. All of them using powerful words of encouragement, transparency, and leadership.


Gill Pollard of Her(B) Life Magazine where I picked her brain about her experience with social media in the cannabis space and how to share my story with a wider audience free of imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

Jacqui Childs who was also the winner of this year’s Social Media Influencer Award. Definitely one of the most real women I have ever met! I especially loved her powerful words of encouragement. She reminded me that being authentic is super important especially in the world of social media and realness isn’t always curated and beautiful.

Evio Beauty – can’t tell you how amazing and inspirational this company is! Founder Brandi Leifso spoke about the main priority for her company is staying true to her customers and maintaining authenticity. This is definitely an important company vision and mission that I want to adopt for BB.

This conference was exactly what I needed to remind myself of why I started BB. The industry is full of positivity and great leadership and my biggest takeaway were being able to identify myself as an aspiring industry professional in the cannabis space. My indefinite goals are to kick my imposter syndrome out the door! Seriously, there’s no time for that and it’s boring and I have to focus on staying true to my story and my voice.

Be Blunt, Be B.A.E., just B.