The First Time I Smoked Weed

Since I started this blog, I don’t know why but I completely forgot about the very first time I smoked weed! – I almost feel like I’m writing about the first time I had sex or something!

Thinking back to my days as a teenager, I was a straight edge Asian kid who got relatively good grades and was definitely determined to keep my track record clean! I wasn’t about to smoke weed to fuck that up! So I did what most kids did, got into a good university and went on with my life.

I chose to attend an art school in Toronto (OCADU Alumnus Holla!) so the cannabis use was definitely more open and prevalent. This was where my views on cannabis began to shift.

Halfway through my university studies, I got the opportunity to study as an exchange student in Paris, France for one semester. I was 23 and was still very wary about the idea of consuming (mainly smoking) cannabis at the time and I was around many other international students that consumed on the regular. The whole idea was definitely VERY alluring, and not to mention, in Paris, literally everyone smokes or is a social smoker. It wasn’t uncommon to walk through the streets of Paris and catch a never-ending whiff of cigarette smoke, and the idea of literally ‘smoking something’ was very much influenced during my time abroad.

Despite my insecurities, I was determined to do this right, I decided that I would give my ‘weed virginity’ the ‘super special – my first-time treatment’. Besides, I had waited this long anyway, might as well make it a thing!

The summer holidays came around that semester and I was hell-bent on making a trip out to the European cannabis capital! – Amsterdam! I researched all the awesome ‘coffeeshops’ that sold cannabis. Then I remembered the film ‘Ocean’s 12’, there was a scene in the film with the main three (Clooney, Pitt, and Damon) where they pulled the ‘lost in translation’ gag in a small and dark little ‘coffeeshop’! I was willing to bet that it was a ‘coffeeshop’ and not a ‘coffee shop’ – after a quick google search, I found it – Dampkring Coffeeshop!

*Fun Fact – In Amsterdam, the places where they sell cannabis legally are in ‘coffeeshops’ (one word and no space) and not coffee shops (two words) or cafes.

With my destination chosen, I went for it! And like any virgin, I knew nothing, and was hoping for someone to give me the direction I needed to purchase my first joint! The Dampkring Coffeeshop ‘budtender’ was super nice and suggested a good starter joint that was perfectly wrapped and told me that with maybe 3 puffs at most I would be good. Boy was it good! – I felt very relaxed and the environment was super chill with everyone in the coffeeshop enjoying themselves in the space. I didn’t feel intimated nor did I feel uncomfortable to be around other cannabis enthusiasts, I was more concerned about giving away my tourist vibes.

And that was that! I had no idea how full circle that night in Amsterdam would become. This definitely is a great story to tell and does allow for some hilarious bragging rights, but I shall say it here again!

Like a virgin – smoked for the very first time in Amsterdam! And it was magical!

Be Blunt, Be B.A.E., just B.