Happy Canada Day!

To the Country, I Call Home

I am a first generation Asian Canadian who immigrated to Canada and officially became a citizen in 1996 – I still remember what I was wearing on the day I took my oath!

Just a little backstory, I was born in Hong Kong towards the end of British Colonization (the ’90s – for those of you who don’t know) and Hong Kong was going through radical changes as the ‘handover’ of 1997 approached. Hong Kong was to become a part of China again, this meant that huge changes were happening in every direction; politics, education, economy, and even freedom. Changes that my parents did not accept, and as a result, made the life-changing decision of immigration to Canada, all of which had to happen before the year 1997.

After my family and I took our oaths, we never looked back. We became Canadians.

This past long weekend was full of fun and celebratory laughter especially being around friends and family! Being a part of this year’s Canada Day made me realize how thankful I am to be Canadian. It’s so crazy to realize how I’ve inadvertently taken this privilege for granted, and if it isn’t because I’m Canadian, Blunt B.A.E. would never exist!

These are some things that make me most proud of this G7 country for making waves the way we are – besides the NBA Championships and of course cannabis legalization! What a time to be alive!


I never realized how good we’ve had it until very recently! It’s no surprise that Canada definitely paves the way in providing freedom to its people. As of the protests occurring in Hong Kong, I truly recognize how hard some parts of the world have to fight for their freedom and future. Having the rights to freedom is so powerful, being able to share the freedom of speech and choice and advocate for something freely is such an amazing privilege that I often forget is what makes life shine like gold!


This is such an important aspect of my life, I credit Canada and it’s cultural diversity for my ability to be open minded. Understanding the power of language barriers, the difference between appropriation and appreciation and the challenges of being ‘different’ is what truly feeds the hunger to learn more about diversity. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs to get off their own “island” in order to grow. Learning what diversity is, in the most diverse way, has really forced me to keep an open mind about all things in life and that there is never only one way to see things.


The Canadian education system does have many gaps that still need to be filled before I can say that the system works flawlessly. Although, I will credit my level of education to the Canadian system. School in Canada definitely made me appreciate my ability to understand and shape my views about important topics in life especially in regards to positivity and respect. It has been a huge part of my upbringing and continues to be. Without the education system and the positive and progressive people I have been so fortunate to be around, I would not be able to share my opinions and goals that shape the voice of Blunt B.A.E.

Canada as a country is still very young and has a lot of room for growth. However, I am very happy to call this country my home and thankful for the opportunities it has provided me to advocate for something that I truly believe in.

So for the first time, in a long time, thank you! 🇨🇦❤️

Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦

Be Blunt, Be B.A.E., just B.