Dream Cannabis Infused Edibles

Candy Edition

A year into legalization and edibles are finally legal! FINALLY! I had a dream about cannabis-infused edibles! Where every candy to have an infused version of itself!

If I had my way, I would make this dream a reality! Even though that would be an impossible feat, a girl can still dream! So if you can have any infused edible candy what would they be? Here’s my wishlist! Check out my top 3!

Gummy Candy 100

For the record, I have no idea what these candies are actually called if this isn’t what they’re called. Nevertheless, these are one of my all-time favourites because they are just the perfect amount of gummy and chewy without being annoying and sticking to your teeth! They always have the best Japanese fruit flavours – I always find it hard to decide between the green and red grape flavours.

In the meantime, check out these gummies from Sunshower, they’re the best when it comes to that gummy texture!

Dream Cannabis Infused Edibles


These creamy flavoured bunnies are honestly the work of candy magic! They’re like the Chinese version of taffy candies with a milky flavour. These definitely make you get your chew on, they’re tough enough to chew but soft enough to love.

In the meantime, check out these taffy candies from CheebaChews!  

Dream Cannabis Infused Edibles

Chupa Chups

Who can forget Chupa Chups? These are my lolly-dreams, they have literally every flavour known to man! Something about the circular shape of these candies just really makes for a long lolly-sucking session! Imagine a cola flavoured infused Chupa Chup lolly!

In the meantime, check out these lollies 

Dream Cannabis Infused Edibles

So what are your favourite go-to candies that you would want to be made into cannabis-infused edibles? If there isn’t one on the market yet, it might be worth it to think about trying to make our own! Just be sure to share your recipes with me! With legalization making its one year anniversary, it’s extremely exciting to see where cannabis-infused edibles will go, and who knows, maybe one day these candies will have infused counterparts, and my dream list of cannabis-infused edibles will become a reality! Only time will tell!

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