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Reviews by Bae

Cannabis Library; BAE’s Reading Guide

Remember that song on “Arthur” where they sang about the library card? As a 90’s kid growing up, it definitely made me think the library was the coolest place a kid could be! Before joining the cannabis space (the coolest space for an adult), learning about the cannabis plant and all of its possibilities was definitely a cause for serious […]


The SilverStick; A Newly Designed One-Hitter Pipe

A Review of The SilverStick B.A.E. Leaves – 4.5 out of 5🌿 One-hitter pipe in size slim (made of alloy in black), 15 natural cotton filters, a rubber smell-proof cap and a stainless steel metal poker. Other accessories – Clipper lighter, wooden and leather dugouts, plastic airtight container, cotton filter refills The SilverStick is a newly designed one-hitter alloy metal […]