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B.A.E. – The unofficial acronym for Bad Ass Entrepreneur

I am Jessica! The brain child for Blunt B.A.E.. Funny enough this began as a school assignment and has undoubtedly become my number one passion project! I definitely started out as a discerning Cannabis user and with the Canadian legalization of cannabis. I’ve been inspired by amazing women of the cannabis industry to embark on my own cannabis experience!

I may not know everything there is to know about cannabis yet, but this is my place to learn and share! Stay tuned for only #realtalk and let’s keep the conversation going! Join me on my journey!

Be Blunt, Be B.A.E., just B.


The Origins of Blunt B.A.E. 

Blunt B.A.E. blossomed into a full time project in 2019! It’s been an amazing ride since joining the Canadian Cannabis industry! 

I learned very early on from researching about the industry that there is an abundance of people in this space that want to make an impact on the world by helping others. Once I realized this I was like, “…where do I sign up?!” 

Learn more about the founding story of Blunt B.A.E.! 

About Blunt B.A.E. - an open letter
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Let’s Work Together! 

I know how hard the hustle is and you’re not alone! Two heads is always better than one! So let’s chat! 

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