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Archives during: April 2019

Happy 420!

Blunt B.A.E. Goals for 2019! Happy 420 at 4:20! Words cannot describe how happy I am to be writing this post in celebration of what is known as the equivalent of Christmas to the Blunt B.A.E. community! It’s been such an eventful year full of learning and realizations that have made the journey of Blunt B.A.E. so special and amazing. […]


My First Time – Greening Out

‘Greening out’ is defined by the urban dictionary as… – actually, there are no good definitions from the urban dictionary to describe the experience of greening out. I know, I’ve looked, and they’re all terrible. For those of you who don’t know (this is my own description of a ‘green -out’ and this is not legitimized by any statistics); ‘greening-out’ […]


I am a discerning cannabis user

This is how I got here. I’ve never really put much thought into why I was a discerning cannabis user. To be fair, I didn’t acknowledge my discernment until very recently when I finally realized what a “discerning cannabis user” even is. So only until recently did I wonder – how the fuck did I get here? There are many […]